Friday, November 17, 2017

I Think Comrade Sister Girl Is Trying To Seduce Me


Shit Just Got Real Down At The 7-11


Cosplay This Week



Justice League 2017

I went into this one thinking that it would be a total train wreck but it turned out a lot better than I expected. Sure the special effects are done in darkness and I hate that with all these DC films. For once I would like to see a movie about heroes set in the daylight. I keep thinking back to that airport battle from Captain America - Civil War and how terrific it was to see all those heroes in action.

The effects are still pretty great when they aren't so frenetic as are the characters. Flash gets all the laughs and Wonder Woman is still as glorious as she was in her own movie. She is really the heart and soul of this picture. You can really tell what parts of this film was influenced by Joss Whedon. He does character interactions better than most and those are the best parts of the film. I don't know how bad the movie would have been without reshoots but it was sure helped by them. The film is totally watchable and there were even parts I smiled at. Go figure. Sometimes the critics are wrong. Wait until it goes to the dollar theatre if you are unsure.


Art By Bente Schlick