Friday, December 2, 2016

Netflix Does It Again

Netflix has just released the trailer for their original sci-fi action film Spectral and this flick looks freakin' rad! The film is set in the future of a war-torn European city, and it follows a team of soldiers who come together to defend the city from an otherworldly ghostly-type alien force. The movie definitely looks like it will be a blast to watch.

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This Was The Most Exciting Thing I Did All Week

Alice at Follicles once again keeps my beard mighty as she always does. Don't try to do this by yourself kids. Find yourself a good stylist and hold onto her like grim death. My Dad always told us that a good stylist and mechanic are worth their weight in gold. No way I would ever mess with my facial hair because if I mess it up and have to start all over again I might as well start to walk in traffic.




Thank You Daily Show

It's the only thing that is keeping me sane these days.

KISS Variant Covers


Fridays With The Furies


Batgirl - Collectible Figure by Square Enix

Smart, brave, and tough – Batgirl™ is all three in one! Painstakingly crafted by the artists at Square Enix, the Batgirl collectible figure features long flexible hair and was reproduced using special material and ratcheted joints, as well as a three-part construction of her cape, to enable elegant movement and pose-ability. 

Batgirl's striking uniform was carefully reproduced with every attention to detail throughout the seams, rivets, and belt. Featuring realistic textures from a careful paint application, unique gadgets, a variety of interchangeable hands, and a figure stand, there is more to this Batgirl than just her breathtaking finish!