Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Racist But Also Funny


Mike Krome Illustrations


And This Is Why You Should Hate And Fear Them

This abomination changed color to camouflage himself to that he could hide from his human predators. Imagine if he entered the boat at night. He could move throughout the ship unseen until he gets to your cabin and cuts your throat.

Where The Hell Was This Image During OCTOBER??


Buddy, There Is Only One Solution To Your Problems

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Elly Tran Ha should be the design of my helper robot that I take with me on my three year trip to Mars for NASA (remember that dream). I would insist that she is South Korean tech because they seem to excel at this kind of robotics and I would hate for her to go psychotic six months into the mission. What if I am the one who make her go homicidal and I have to fight for my life before I wooosh her out the airlock. Put then a year later I see her still hanging onto the side of the ship. Preserved in space. Spooky. Then she wakes up after her self repair program finishes and I have to force her into the escape capsule so I can launch her at the planet where she lands safely at the foot of Olympus Mons ready for whomever Earth sends to the planet next.
Damn, that is good writing.

I Like Everything About This Picture


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