Friday, August 28, 2015

This Is The Kind Of Day I Am Having

Having the worst frickin' day. First I accidentally deleted 28 seasons of COPS that took me a month to download. Couldn't recover them because they didn't go into my trash bin. Then I hear this cat meowing by our door and find it's the neighbor's chunkasaurus rex trying to get into our place again. I try to usher him out of our home as my own scaredy cat just decided let this huge interloper run free.

As I was about to gently push him out the door he dug a claw into me that hit a vein in my hand and I am currently spurting blood. Now I have this bump left over that looks like poison from the time I was bit by a rattle snake and needed to have someone suck out the poison to save my life. So likely I will be dead by morning and the cause of my death will be the GLEEP or the CAT PLAGUE.

I think I am getting the Cat Plague from my scratch. This is the same way the KGB got that journalist they didn't like. I should have my blood analyzed for the ensyme that may give me the Cat Scratch Fever as well. I have already hacked up a hairball and can feel an urge to lick my balls - well more than the usual daily compulsion.

It's a full moon tonight and I do feel like transforming into a great cat beast but...MEH. I have to get up early for Farmer's Market before all the Hillbillies arrive.

But I do so under protest. Since I am now Patient Zero of this Cat Plague I really should be more socially conscious. But I need a bratwurst with hot mustard or what is the sense of going to the Farmers Market in the first place. So if this is the beginning of a great series of mysterious deaths in my town I want it known that I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

But damn those bratwurst are good.

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