Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ryuul Lavitz Celebrates Batman's Birthday - 75 Years

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Just because I like her modelling and cosplay.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

There Is Always Room For Batgirl


Mid Week Image Blizzard And A Very Special Message To The Fans Of The Cave Of Cool

I have decided not to post anything more until I start seeing more of the love. I am lonely and feeling unappreciated for the crappy blog I do. Once I REACH FIFTY MESSAGES, I will resume my regular presentation.
Thank You - The Manangement.
If you like what I do, try to convince a like minded traveller to come on board. as well.
I have so little in my life. Think of me as a 'Make A Wish Kid'.
The Cave Of Cool is ready to shut down I think. I am not feeling the love lately and it's been hard finding kindred spirits or even ONE girl who would find me interesting. I feel like I have wasted all these years with my stupid balloon juice. I could have been lighting fires instead. Not how I thought my career as a Cold Warrior to end. We fought in space you know. Few people remember that.