Wednesday, August 16, 2017

For When Your Sister Is Coming Over For Lunch


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Proposals: Never. I am a stallion and a stallion must run free
Children: No, they are too germy as little ones
Pets right now: The Baroness Frosty - My pretty girl.
Surgeries: Once. To remove buckshot from my face.
Tattoos: None. Too old for that now
Piercings right now - None
Shot a gun: Yes, but I hate them. No guns in Gotham
Quit a job: Yes and in dramatic fashion.
Ever been on a TV commercial: No, I am not attractive enough for TV
Been to an island: Yes, the Island of Loose Women

Hit a deer: No. But I did slap a mouthy elk once in Jasper
Someone cried over you: Never, no one cared enough
Fallen in love: Yes, every day.
Watched someone die: Yes.
Rode in an ambulance: Yes.
Sung karaoke: I leave them cheering in the aisles.
Ice skating: Of course, I live in a northern country.
Been surfing: No, the ocean frightens me.
Ridden on a motorcycle: Yes. Once. After I wiped out I gave up the outlaw life.
Ridden a horse: Yes, like Zorro

Almost died: Nothing can kill me.
Stayed in a hospital: Never overnight.
Favorite fruit: Cherries
Favorite dessert: Pineapple Dream Squares.


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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Favorite Cosplayers Of The Cave Of Cool - Florencia Soren Mega Cosplay Post

One of my all time favorites. She embodies what makes a cosplayer great. First of all she is an artist who makes and models her own costumes but then goes the one step extra by creating great digital shots of her characters in action. She is the model for how to be a cosplay legend.