Friday, May 27, 2016

Incredibly Average Girl Tweets Her Lack Of Accomplishment In High School


I am not sure if congratulations are in order?

My Sweet Hattie

Cosmo And Howard The Duck By FUNKO

I am hoping we see more of Cosmo the telepathic talking Cosmonaut dog in the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie. He was shown along with Howard in the last film and both would be a hoot if they joined the team. In the comics, Cosmo is the security officer on the space station the Guardians work out of. However considering that they already have one talking animal with Rocket the filmmakers might go in a different direction.


Lilo & Stitch, by Devin Elle Kurtz


Just Lost A Piece Of My Tooth

Now I have to stress all weekend and hope for no pain until Monday afternoon when I can see my Dentist. I feel betrayed by my enamel. I brush like I have OCD and floss like a maniac. I hate when food gets stuck in this one spot so I live with floss within my reach at all times. Don't ever get old kids and don't ever trust your teeth. They will always let you down.


Hail THIS You Nazi Bastard

You just had to ruin the ONE thing I REALLY loved about America - CAPTAIN AMERICA. I know the whole thing is just some alternate universe story involving that Cosmic Cube and it all will be put right but damn, did it HAVE to be Cap? You yanks have every reason to hate yourselves these days and there is no more obvious example of your fall as a people as when your very own symbol of liberty and justice turns out to have been a fascist all along. Hard to miss that connection. Thank YOU for that Donald Trump. This is one thing I can't just pin on Obama. I hate that the stupid editors at Marvel got me to hate what they did so much that I just had to comment on it which of course is what they wanted all along - the ATTENTION. Negative or positive, it's all just attention. It's clicks and likes. I hate that I jumped through the hope for them like a performing monkey. In the end that's REALLY how they GETCHA!


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