Sunday, April 20, 2014

War Of The Worlds - Goliath

The Neo Noir look of 1914 New York City - a place where tri-planes fly through the canyons of the city - is fantastic to look at. Nothing like a little victory over the Martians in 1899 to improve the transportation and military capabilities of humanity.

TEDDY ROOSEVELT as the Secretary of War? Fantastic! He is a good leader and role model in any parallel universe.

Each character is a stereotype but the voice acting is good and multinational.

I enjoyed the story and found it a fun sequel to HG Wells' War of the Worlds. The Victorian setting combined with a Steampunk sensibility creates a fresh environment for storytelling. This was a Malaysian feature and strongly influenced by both Western and Asian animation. I can't imagine how it would look in 3D. Maybe the mix of old school and modern animation technology looks more connected on the 3D screen. In 2D there is a clear separation.

Nicoli Tesla was the one who learned how to exploit the Martian technology? Fantastic choice again with the use of real life history and historical figures to ground the story.

I enjoyed how WWI still happened as it did with the assassination of the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand. Only our heroes refuse to join the conflict and instead combine to defend humanity against the Martian attack - just like it would have happened in real life. They could make an entire series based on this concept and I would watch it.
Weaponized airships? Yes please.

The air battle between the Martian spaceships and the upgraded bi and tri-planes is a thrilling piece of animation. Of course Baron Von Richthofan has to be involved. What is a good WWI movie without the Red Baron on our side?

My Next Holy Grail Figure - Can You Guess Who He Is?


I had a great friend when I was a kid in Europe. His name was Michael Williams and he was Black. His older brother has his own radio station of modern pop music after school for all the kids. He was the coolest teenager I eve knew with his funky cloths and amazing afro. He always called me Vanilla Cupcake. It was my first 'street name'. Anyways he bought both me and Michael Muhammad Ali boxing action figures for one Christmas and would always tell us about how great a boxer Ali was. I actually stayed up late into the evening to watch the Thrilla in Manila with my family and the Williams who lived across the hallway from us. Rodney got us pumped for the entire fight by filling our head with the stats and the situation both fighters were under. I remember it being one of those great nights as a kid. Cheering for Ali at 4 AM because you knew what the Rope-A-Dope technique was because you had been schooled before the fight was one of my all time favorite childhood memories.
I lost my Ali in the GREAT DISASTER so he is next on my Holy Grail list now that I have found my Oscar Goldman figure. I would even go for the 8 inch figure that Mego made of Ali at around the same time as this larger toy was created.

Red Riding Hood Cosplay By Isolda Manero


DC Nation - The Metal Men

This Looks Biolgically Unsafe


Mega Shark Vs Mecha Shark

Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark.
How does the Mega Shark know that torpedoes are being fired at it? Enough to use it's tale to flick those torpedoes at other ships? Then it beats up an aircraft carrier? Movies from the Asylum don't get goofier than this. The script sucks, the acting sucks, the effects suck but damn it Mega Shark, I just can't quit you. I just had to see how bad this would get.

Has there suddenly been a revision in the haircut rules onboard Navy vessels? Every sailor and their Captains have long hair. The uniforms looks like they have been bought at retail but didn't come with any hats to protect the soldiers from the harsh Australian sun. NONE of them have hats on. It always makes me sad to watch films that miss these little touches.

And just when I think that things can't get anymore batshit crazy, Mecha Shark goes amphibious and starts destroying downtown Sydney Australia. It was a nice upgrade to the mayhem. Watching a giant mechanical shark tank cruising through the streets was hilarious.

However I knew it was over when the Navy Admiral pulls his sidearm and shoots at Mega Shark while losing his mind. That's just bad acting. Plus the ending was rushed and made even more on the cheap than what you usually get from the Asylum. It would be great if they put SOMETHING into their Mega Shark franchise. Maybe come out with a line of toys.

I just can't keep up with all the crazy. Everything that everyone needs to complete their mission just happens to show up when they most need it too. Again, very lazy writing. That is too bad because they had something here that could have been a lot more fun than it turned out to be.


One Hell Of A Double Feature


Snoop Rabbit?


Easter Sunday Funnies



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