Thursday, December 18, 2014

I Think I Found My Birthday Present


He’s the King of Comics. A man who left an indelible mark upon the medium, using his peerless imagination to create some of the greatest stories and characters ever told. In 2015, celebrate Jack “King” Kirby’s incredible contribution to comic book history in the monumental, decades-spanning KING-SIZE KIRBY HARDCOVER collection!

Presented in Marvel’s Adamantium-sized format, this titanic tome clocks in at more than 800 pages of Kirby’s finest stories and stands more than a foot tall! For the first time ever, fans will be able to experience these truly genre-defining stories in a format that complements Jack Kirby’s unsurpassed art and storytelling abilities.

“If there were a Mount Rushmore of American comic book artists, Jack Kirby would be front and center,” says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso.

Whether it was westerns, romance, war, horror, sci-fi, humor or super heroes – Jack Kirby could do it all! From Captain America punching Adolf Hitler to the super heroic creation of the Fantastic Four, X-Men and Avengers on to the far-out space opera of the Eternals, savor Jack Kirby’s most iconic comics in this one, unforgettable collection.


Why Are My Parties The Best?

It's my guest list.

From The Abbey Bominable Collection





"What About Your Boss? Der Fuhrer?"

Yeh, what about him?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nightmares Before Christmas

Aside from my Brother Krampus, there are many other ghouls and ghosties more than ready to frighten you out of your Christmas PJs.

Check the link below for more information on the dark side of Christmas.




How many racial stereotypes can you spot in sixty seconds.

If I Could Have One Present This Christmas

I don't ask for much. In fact I send out more packages to people (never to have something return to me) than you would ever believe. I was one of those kids who sent out pen pel letters and ornate packages full of all kinds of things (candy, stickers, artwork, letters, toys, ect...) Getting a package from me was like getting a Christmas stocking - which themselves are legendary. Well back when I actually celebrated Christmas. Since my father has died I don't do Christmas anymore. I prefer the day to come and go like any other. Of course I still send out gifts like some trained money but rarely get any in return. I know I am not a big deal to anyone. I get it. This year I asked for any GI JOE accessories to outfit my new GI JOE figure in a way befitting his place in the Cave of Cool. I expect nothing because that is just the kind of world we live in. I just hate to see my only original JOE is such a shabby outfit. If all you flea market hunters see's a cheap bag of assorted gear for the 12 inch JOES, I hope you would think of me. For some of the joy I may have given you over the years.

But if you change you mind

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Red Deer Alberta
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Wednesdays With Wonder Woman