Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Let Me Sum Up

Yup. It's true. I am HETERO for George Takei. George is the best. Been loving him all week on Howard Stern. I used to say this about Shatner but it's only true about George. Takei GETS the joke and makes it so great for us to laugh along with him. He's a national and world treasure for his honesty, his character and that magnificent unfiltered mind of his.

I got my first weigh in in two months this morning. My weight loss Doctor is the best guy I could have met. I am down 62 lbs since meeting him and only gained a pound in two months of summer loafing around. I also didn't eat so well so I am glad to see that everything balanced out in the end. I have no goal as to what I want my 'final weight' to be. I just do it everyday and hope for little changes. I am enjoying the pain of exercise. I have to get into a beginner yoga class this fall or maybe wait until the class thins out in October. But I hate people so maybe a yoga class on You Tube.

I start my first group class in anxiety management tomorrow. Two hours every Thursday until October. I hate groups. I general don't like people, strangers in particular. I am in no mood to schmooze or be supportive to someone else. But I told my therapist that I would go to these classes he is running and I like his style so I will give it a try. It will be fun to see how long I can last. I am open to learning new skills. After all, I am a Renaissance Man.

I can still feel a pellet in my face from the time I was shot. It's weird. Depending how I flex my eyebrows I can either feel it or not. That means I know what it's like to have the pellet stuck in my skull and not have it stuck in my skull. But's it's there and it's making me crazy to feel it. I don't play with it but I know it's there. I know it's there ALL THE TIME. I am getting a referral from my regular Doctor to see a plastic surgeon and I am getting it removed. I want to keep it and put into something I can keep as a reminder. But it has to come out.

Oh and for those of you who decry Obama care - I get all this medical care with no real cost to me. I have supplementary insurance but don't need to use it for this basic mental and physical health care. I maybe see my Doctors 12 times a year (between the two of them) and the quality of my life has been improved immeasurably since I decided to get the help I needed over two years ago. I think of how lucky I am to live in the country and province and city that I live in. It's civilized. It makes me sad for everyone out there who for reasons out of their control, don't get the same kind of protection. It should be a basic human right but for some reason the Corporations who make money off health care in the US don't want it to be so.

Ferguson Missouri makes me angry as does the militarization of the US police forces. I read a great article today in the Calgary Sun about the differences at the US Border. It was sobering to say the least. I know I don't want to go anywhere. This world is a scary place.

But they are in a state of rage, in the United States, for another reason: the terrible crimes of 9/11 were used as an excuse - dishonestly, unethically, diabolically - to justify pumping untold billions into the creation of paramilitary forces where none were needed. To create, as noted, a police state.

None of my captions ever come back to me on Tumblr. NEVER. That has to be a commentary on their quality. It's a judgement of some kind.

I posted some pictures of my toys on Facebook. Many, many people made me offers. Got me thinking that I might just gather up some stuff I don't want and see if there is interest out there. To further my search for some Holy Grail toys. It will allow me to pay a little more to find some of my dream pieces that, of course, will have to be mint in package.
I admit that like every collector that I have stuff that makes me go 'Meh' when I look at it. I know someone else would be happy to have these figures and if that further advances MY collecting goals then it's a good thing. Now I have to educate myself about how this process should work. It's what a responsible collector does. Letting go is what separates us from the hoarders.
This picture contains 3 of my Holy Grails. Can you guess which ones they are?


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I Never Miss A Good Shia LaBeouf Movie

I'd Read This

All New Invaders #12 - Union Jack, Sir Steel, The Phantom Eagle, Golden Age Iron Fist Orson Randall, and the Phantom Eagle fighting H.G. Wells’ Martians by Michael Komarck.

All Kinds Of Cool

Matador Is Still Awesome

I can't believe what is coming on this show because I haven't believed a single thing I have seen so far. And I love it. This show from the El Ray network is television gold. It's not only a spy story, but it's a sports story, a gangster story, a love story, a family story, a drug lord story and now I HOPE a little bit of Indiana Jones. You would think it doesn't know what it wants to be. But I think this show knows EXACTLY how goofy it is. It just doesn't matter when things are so entertaining.

I don't know if Robert Rodriquez is crazy or if he is laughing at me for buying everything he is trying to sell me. I know this show is bad for me but I can't let go. On Tuesday night I wait for the torrent to show up. I can't get to this show early enough.

Can I Show You My Klimt?

Golden Kiss - Gustav Klimt

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