Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It Was Totally Worth It


Me And Your Momma Have Narrowed Down Our Choices For Matching Tattoos

Tattoo You, Billy Bogiatzoglou


All Kinds Of Cool

This beautiful piece of art is called "To Boldly Go". It was created by digital artist Matt Dixon and animated as a GIF by fellow artist Billy Allison.

Few People Will Podcast With Me

I drive them to the hills where they never return from. They would rather live in a tick filled forest than to podcast with me. There is only ONE reason for that.


Monday, December 11, 2017

Got Me Right In The Feels

Scott stopping to look at Jack Kirby’s handprint in Mister Miracle #5. If you understand why these four panels are so cool then you are my people.


I Think She Is Trying To Seduce A Confession Out Of Me

I am prepared to drop my pants and spill the beans.
 I prefer to work WITH law enforcement and not against it.

That Is Just Dust In My Eyes

Billie Lourd wearing her hair in homage to her mother, Carrie Fisher, at The Last Jedi premiere.


I Don't Like Christmas But THIS I Like Even Less

Half a tree only fills half my sad dark soul.
The missing half only mocks me.

This is for people who have limited space. Here's a clue, if you have limited space get a SMALLER TREE not half a larger tree. Who is this for? People who live in submarines or on the International Space Station? Even a crowded volcanic lair has room for a regular sized Christmas tree. Who is the consumer for this? I bet they try to sell you the same amount of decorations. I have no idea why this offends me so much.

Mega Cosplay Post This Week


Comic Covers This Week