Friday, March 16, 2018

Infinity War Art


My Two Faux Rap/Reggae Fusion Albums

I once taught at class in computer graphics on computers that were not meant for anything more complicated than what you can do with your average PAINT program. So I had the kids come up with their own rap names and look for images for their fake album covers. The had to create a CD case sized piece and a larger poster piece that we could then laminate to show off. I was all about production as a teacher. I wanted them always to make things like dioramas, or science projects so that at the end of the day they could see the RESULTS of all their hard work. Plus I am a genius at going from project to project and inspiring people to do better. I am the Tim Gunn of classroom projects.

They also could add extra effects but each had to submit three designs for judging by me. It was a good project and they took it seriously. We festooned the hallways with the best of the best and I was proud to show off their efforts and what the computer design program could bring to the school if we put some effort into it and got a few nice things like a real color printer.

The following two are the ones I created as a proof of concept and to show them the quality I was looking for. Most, however went way beyond the original simplistic assignment.

Today I miss the classroom very much and I miss being creative like this. The whole loss of my podcasting is leaving a huge whole in my heart that I am trying to find something else to fill it with.

This one is called BOOM BOX but I did the font too small.

Avenger's Infinity War Trailer 2

That LOOK on the face of Thanos when Captain America resists him physically is awesome. I know that Cap tapped into the power stone which is how they will defeat Thanos. DOUBT. It's willpower that powers the Infinity Stones, not just having them in your glove. Oh Baby, this will be great.


Tumblr Girls This Week


My Catfish Has Wised Up And Chosen Latin American Bait To Catch Me With


Still My Best Girl


Fridays With The Furies


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Only 4 Episodes But Forever Burned In My Brain

Richard Benjamin & the Barnstable twins from Quark (NBC-TV, 1978)
What? I was new to English language TV
I knew nothing but saw girls in space short and lost my mind.

Thursday Image Blizzard